Villa Collection

a collection of thoughtful dwellings that encourage seamless indoor-outdoor living.

Over a decade ago the property comprised a handful of buildings including a recently built residential house and a historic dairy bails in a state of disrepair. There also was an old cabin, which served as the farmer’s home in the 1970s, and a range of sheds used during the farm’s mango producing years.

The owners’ project envisaged the regeneration of each building to create a collection of thoughtful dwellings that encouraged seamless indoor-outdoor living. The old farmer’s cabin was beyond repair, and had to be demolished, as did an assortment of old sheds. One shed survived and is today known simply as The Mango Packing Shed. The old cabin was replaced by a new dwelling, Storm Cabin. The old dairy bails was carefully rebuilt over a number of years and the main house was stripped and underwent a complete renovation.

Today, Rockpool Farm’s renewal is nearly complete, and combines the regeneration of every building with the planting of over five thousand rainforest trees and the slow rehabilitation of surviving mango orchards.