Our Story

inspired by the Italian hills of Tuscany and Marche.

The estate’s development has been inspired by the owners’ own travel experiences. The family discovered Rockpool Farm shortly after returning from a European summer in the Italian hills of Tuscany and Marche.

While enjoying a break from their busy lives in Australia they found inspiration during those weeks in the Italian countryside, especially in Marche, where they discovered discreet boutique hotels that allowed them to slowdown and reconnect in areas of spectacular natural beauty. They talked with hotel owners, some of whom remain friends to this day, to better understand their stories and what led them to create unique destinations.

A few weeks after their return to Australia they travelled to Byron Bay and by chance, during that weekend away, discovered Rockpool Farm. It was at that moment their journey began, to reimagine that European summer, and create a boutique destination offering families and couples an opportunity to slowdown and reconnect with nature in luxury, privacy, and in a region of outstanding natural beauty.