The Mango Packing Shed

Accommodates up to 5

One of the Shire’s earliest registered agricultural buildings.

The Mango Packing Shed is a survivor, rich in heritage and detail that dates back 50 years. Upon first seeing the shed many years ago and observing the structure, notably its use of old bridge timbers, the owners felt there was potential to rehabilitate the building. Their aim was to not only renovate and create a luxury lodge, but also to create a space that felt truly unique, and unlike any other home.

The project took over three years to complete and involved careful restoration and extensive upcycling of materials sourced from the farm. Today The Mango Packing Shed stands as a reminder of the farm’s heritage and invites families into a truly luxury calming space, where individuals can observe the detail, feel its history, and enjoy complete privacy with uninterrupted vistas over the nightcap ranges.

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